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ello, I am Art Rodriguez, a writer and author of three non-fiction books. My first novel East Side Dreams has also been translated into Spanish under the title of Suenos Del Lado Este. The Monkey Box, my second book, is a biography of my great-grandparents who lived in Chiapas, Mexico. It isn't poetry, but close to it and it is an exciting book that all will enjoy. My titles are designed for all races. Latinos and Latinas will appreciate them even more as Hispanic people can relate to growing up in our American neighborhoods. My books can be found in your local library. If not, the library resources can attain them for you. My literature helps young adults who are in street gangs to see that they do have a future. My new book, Forgotten Memories, which is also my autobiography and a sequel to East Side Dreams, will be released August 1, 2002. However, it is available now. You will enjoy reading them. You have to order them!

As a writer, I tried to produce books that are suitable for all ages. My books are written without profanity so that young people, as well as all adults, may read and enjoy the stories that are shared.

As you will see by visiting here, I will tell you about my books and how you may order them. You will also learn a little about me and what my books are about. Many people have ordered East Side Dreams and The Monkey Box and are enjoying them. The stories emphasize excitement and drama, expressed in a manner that does not offend. I know you will enjoy them as well as my other releases.

Learn more about Art Rodriguez's books by reading the following summaries:

East Side Dreams

Revised edition, January 15, 2010 - ISBN 978-0-9671555-6-2 * $13.95 * Pages 266 * Author: Art Rodriguez

A he 2011 International Latino Book Awards announced winners on May 26, 2011 at Book Expo in New York City. We are proud to announce that East Side Dreams was awarded 1st place in the category for Best Young Adult Nonfiction, English. In the category for Best Biography, English, it was awarded Honorable Mention.

This Title Was Honored as one of 200 Best Teenage Books in the United States by The New York Public Library System. It Also Won First Place at the Latino Literary Hall of Fame at Book Expo for "Best First Book & Best Cover Illustration."

A s you read, you will experience with him the difficult time he had growing up, and part of this was dealing with his father. This book will make your emotions run high. You will laugh, cry, and laugh again. It is an inspirational book, relating life's experiences from the age of a delinquent teenager to his maturity as a successful businessman.

The Monkey Box

ISBN 0-9671555-1-7 * $12.95 * Pages 248 * Author: Art Rodriguez

his story is about real people in a real time. It starts in the 1800's with Art Rodriguez's great grandmother, Lydia, who was sixteen years old, and Chico, who was twenty-six years old. It is a true love story.

You will experience their relationship and the problems young lovers encounter. Share in their life, their son's life, and the family's move to the United States from Chiapas, Mexico.

You will enjoy this adventurous, romantic story that will maintain your interest from the beginning to the end.


Forgotten Memories

Revised Edition July 2007, ISBN 978-0-9671555-7-6U $12.95 - Pages 166 * Author: Art Rodriguez

re your students having difficult teenage years? Do they need help to know life gets better? Travel with Art Rodriguez as he takes you through his teen years. You will see that even though life appears confusing and harsh at times, it does get better. You will enjoy his stories of growing up in San Jose, California. He will take you for a stroll and as he does, you will experience with him fun times and hard times. You will enjoy this sequel to East Side Dreams!


Sueños del Lado Este, East Side Dreams in Spanish

ISBN * 0-9671555-3-3 * $12.95 - Pages 225 * Author: Art Rodriguez

l leer, usted experimentará las dificultades que Art tuvo al crecer, y parte de esto fue sobrellevar la dictadura de su padre.

Este libro hará exaltar sus emociones, reirá, llorará y volverá a reir otra vez.Es un libro que inspira, relatando experiencias de la vida de un adolescente envuelto en la delincuencia, para despues, ser un hombre maduro y con exito en los negocios.

Those Oldies But Goodies

ISBN 0-9671555-4-1 * $13.95 - Pages 258 * Author: Art Rodriguez

ollow this young adult when he is released from the California Youth Authority. Read and see as he marries and only finds sadness and hurt. Go with him as he becomes a businessman and at the same time toying with organized crime. Does he find the woman of his dreams? Did this young man survive his ordeal with the difficulties of life? If you go through related events in your life, can you endure? Read this book and find the answers to these questions!

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