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e-live Art Rodriguez's earlier years by viewing family photos of him and his family when he was younger.

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This is when Flora and I were married. Behind us are our children. The dark one is Tito. I don't know why Flora looks so small next to me. Must be the chair. My house cleaner was the maid of honor. She is in the pink. The first time I took Flora to go eat pizza with Flora with Roy and Linda, this is it. I had forgot that my house cleaner went too. That is her in the background.
Wedding Pizza
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These are our five children when we were married. First, Flora's children, Lisi on the left, Tito the tallest in the back. The girl in the center is Gina, and the kid next to Gina is my son, Daniel and making the face is Artie. This picture was taken in Preston when I was in jail. (The cover of Those Oldies but Goodies) The two top guys are straights, or White guys. The one on the left is the guy that I told not to jump in to our fight or I was going to get him. The three guys on the bottom is, on the left, Richard, they guy in East Side Dreams who liked to start fires. The one in the center is Chuco who came to back me us from San Jose and the guy on the right is me, Art Rodriguez.
5 Kids
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On the cover of Those Oldies but Goodies, me, Art Rodriguez. The same year I married Flora, our five children in my back yard.
Art Rodriguez Spring 1979
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When I married Flora, we had hers, mine, and these are ours! The oldest one is Marina; she is married and gone now. The next girl is Desiree; she is also married and gone. They youngest is Ramrio, he is 17 and still at home. He is a wonderful kid. Iím a pro in raising children now!! On the cover of Those Oldies but Goodies, me, Art Rodriguez.
Art Roidriguez
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The cover of Those Oldies but Goodies my crazy Uncle Joe from Wilmington in Los Angeles. He is around 17 years old here.
Uncle Joe
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