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e-live Art Rodriguez's earlier years by viewing family photos of him and his family when he was younger.

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This picture is in front of the Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz, California. From the left are Eddie, Mildred (Tita), and Art. A picture of Art in grammar school
Coconut Grove School
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Art is 19 years of age, standing in front of the house on Emory Street with his sister Mildred (Tita). She was 17 years old. In the chapter "Freedom", the family went to see Dad in Los Angeles. Before leaving, we stood on the sidewalk to take this picture. From the left, Eddie, Art, Mildred (Tita), Father, and Victor
teenagers family
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From the right are Eddie, Tita (behind), Inesita, (the babysitter who made the children eat ants, Victor (on top), Mom, and Art (all the way to the right). This was taken in San Francisco in 1954 1957 Santa Cruz Beach. The two ladies in the background are unknown. Starting from the right are Tita, Eddie, Art, Mom and Victor.
San Francisco Beach
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Art is pictured in Prison in 1967. 1969 - Mom's birthday party. From the right are Uncle Bob, Tita, one of Mom's brothers, and Art holding a beer. Eddie is on the left wearing the white t-shirt.
Prison Mom's Birthday
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From The Monkey Box this photo was taken in Chiapas. The older lady is Luzita right before she passed away in 1977 and Mom with her arm around her Mom and her husband Fred in 1997
Prison Mom's Birthday
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Mom and Dad in 1977 August 27, 2000 - The Latino Book & Family Festival - Edward James Olmos and Art Rodrugez
Mom and Dad James Olmos and Art
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In East Side Dreams, the guard, Mr. Gorman is really Mr. Carman. This is Mr. Carmen and his wife now. They are both very nice people. Art went to visit them at their home in Modesto, CA
Mr Carman
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